Saturday, May 25, 2013


We used a hand-poured recycled glass tile from California, with a "silk" finish that makes it look like stone (Stone & Pewter Accents). (BTW, we highly recommend the place we bought it, Aeon Stone, where it was almost half the price they were asking at Bullnose, and where they have a great selection. 



After installation, before grout.

Grout (we used plain white):

Ah, so happy with the results!

In context:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The chandelier went up in the stairwell last week. It seems to signify something -- seems to anchor or complete things. 

It casts beautiful shadows at night.

At dusk, too, it's lovely with the skylight above. 
(Thanks once again to our friends at Antique Market! Such a great bunch of folks to deal with!)

One of two hallway lights, antiques bought off ebay.

Little chandelier in Fifi's room, with yellow roses (one of a bajillion to choose from that behemoth lighting store in Richmond, Lighting Warehouse.)

Now for something completely different: reflection of under-counter LED strip light in kitchen countertop (the lights are just sort of taped up and dangling there for now until we get a bar top in).

These final bits of lighting really seem to be making this into a real, grown-up house! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Remember the playhouse we bought through Craigslist, spent a day disassembling, and then the builders, thinking it was demo debris, threw in the tip the next morning? (Feb. 11th post.)

Remember Granny and Grandpa offered to build a new one? : )

Was it two weeks ago now? They took the 7 am ferry over from Victoria, arriving just after 9, Michael having preassembled the walls and a platform.

"Breaking ground."

Laying Michael's pre-made foundation.

Katie loves building things: she helped Grandpa and Andrew put the many screws in.

Granny and Fifi supervised. (Fifi was not quite herself that day; she complained of a headache and by dinnertime she was laid flat by a nasty flu.)

Roof was on by 11.

All done before noon, ready to be furnished. 
Two proud builders!

Afterwards, Granny took doll measurements for outfits. Very exciting! Fifi loved the charting of the measurements!

Happy days! First visit of the year from the ice-cream truck.

Nothing natural about the colour of these popsicles!

Inside the playhouse.

Grandpa, who's a landscape architect, measured out the yard, front and back, and is drawing up plans for us! So wonderful. Jill, if you're reading this, you'll see Evelyn coming out of your back yard. Yes, I took them on a tour of your beautiful gardens.

Katie put up some tea-towel curtains.

 There's even a sink to bathe the bunny in!

Eventually, the playhouse will be up on a raised deck, with this slide attached.

After lunch, Katie made lemon iced tea ...

 and served it on the front porch.

Relaxing in the early summer weather.

Love this pic. See Fifi reflected in window? 

As Granny and Grandpa drove away, Fifi practiced her post climbing!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

View from the balcony

We do get some nice views from the back balcony. 
Here's looking west to downtown.

 Unretouched colour. (Though my camera has a "happy" setting!)
Taken a week or so ago, when we had that summer-like weather and the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Sublime! Hard to believe there's still snow on the mountains.

 Looking north again. A lot less snow.

 Looking east! Pink clouds. (Martha this reminds me of the view looking north toward your house in the old days; we'd always see the sunsets reflected in your windows.)

 This is a zoomed view of downtown, btw!

Meanwhile, some of us are working. Building closets!